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In each kit you will find a 12 page booklet chalk full of scrapbook layouts, cards and projects. The booklet includes cutting instructions and templates and each image shown is created with the papers in the kit! In addition to all the cardstock in the kit you receive wonderful embellishments to enhance the projects. All materials to complete a paper-art project are also included. There is no monthly commitment or monthly fee required. Purchase the kit you want and you are on your way to creating several projects from your kit.

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August 24, 2010


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Shelly Bascomb

I'm trying to make the Interactive Book in the Hocus Pocus Options Kit, but the directions are unclear. There are several pieces of black paper, but it's unclear which is for the cover, which is for Panel 1 and 2, Panel 3 and 4, Panel 5 and 6, etc. Can anybody out there help? Thanks.


If you look at the black & white 6x6 Interactive Book Instructions (in a separate baggie in the kit), it shows which pieces are included and which pieces are used for each panel. Unfortunately when you get to assembly the instructions on how to adhere the pocket and slant pocket panels is very unclear. I have been working on this book for 3 1/2hrs and I am far from being completed.

Hope this helps

Shelly Bascomb

Thanks. I spent a frustrating weekend with it, but finally got it all together.


London Escort Agencies

This is such a cute and nice work of cards.It seems easy and simple.I think that I can also try for it by following your steps.I always like your kit.

pollee riley

I applad all of you who figured this out. I have spent the better part of two days trying to put this together and I am done. The papers are great and so is the idea, but I have not clue on how it is suppose to go together. I hope all of you do better than me. pollee

hollywood bistro

The customers will eventually get used to paying slightly more for quality products.

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